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Why You Should Outsource Your Next Web Development Project To Ukraine

05/ 04/ 2022 - admin

We hope that this shortlist will limit your search to the best countries to outsource software development and help you find the most appropriate one among them. Were you aware that ‘technology titans’ as IBM, Microsoft, and Intel are all outsourced in Vietnam? CIO shared that, probably a key element with the cost of product development being 90% lower than in the US is the pricing of services. Vietnam’s software industry has been considered an appealing choice for cost reduction compared to other outsourcing software-development nations.

Below, you can see the top software outsourcing countries, compared by their rates, market size, and other factors. There are plenty of reasons, but the main business reason is that it’s profitable! Using outsource software developers can save you up to 50% of your budget, which can be invested in development. Moreover, companies Outsourcing Software Development themselves say that the reason they outsource their IT is to save money. When considering if to go with offshore software development we may surely conclude that the last word will always be for the customer. But if you are still not sure having read all mentioned advantages and disadvantages, just look at what market says.

While outsourcing developers already have a well trained and loaded to work crew. There are also some intriguing data that reflect that India is likely the greatest place for software development outsourcing. Even global investors, like the Alibaba Group, Foxconn, Softbank, and Sequoia, are increasingly investing in the ecosystem of Indian start-ups. IBM also already has more than 100 Big Data and IoT companies in India. Communication skills, confidentiality control, legal issues are also considered to be sensitive disadvantages. However the major risk of losing control over the project or confidential data lose are often arise when informal agreements with a developer take place.

Best Countries To Outsource Software Development

Most high-skilled developers are concentrated in big and proven outsource software development companies. High competition makes them providing high level of skills and expertise. More likely that you will find the best developers on the market if hiring offshore software developers.

  • It also allows you to find talented people who can help you deliver a new project in a short time and focus more on your business.
  • Tons of companies outsource their work to freelance developers,…
  • Using outsource software developers can save you up to 50% of your budget, which can be invested in development.
  • Recently the Philippines acquired fame, many firms worldwide have decided to expand the software development of Philippines, because it provides a wide range of software developed talent and software at very affordable costs.
  • Local legislation and public policy promote a favorable commercial and foreign investment climate.
  • You also don’t waste time waiting until your developers become a real team.
  • Every year, more than 36,000 students graduate from Ukrainian universities with degrees in IT-related fields, meaning that number will only continue to grow.

He argues that his staff of more than 200 people may enjoy better conditions than many American workers. “We don’t like to do crunch. It’s totally avoidable through proper planning, realistic schedules and proper leadership.” I try to press the point. He sighs again and says that, no, people aren’t jumping off the roof of the factory. He says a developer in Kuala Lumpur might make maybe $12,000 to $20,000 a year less than a developer in the United States. “When you start adding up the number of people you need to make a big game, it adds up real fast,” he says.

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Zoolatech is an IT service company that develops technological solutions for digital business transformation. Our goal is to create an environment where both customers and employees can create extraordinary solutions in the conditions of support, respect and continuous development. This https://globalcloudteam.com/ is a low-risk contract for a client but needs a thorough detailing of the outcome to the vendor to achieve satisfactory results. This model is perfect for small businesses and startups or if you need to quickly accomplish a one-time task that requires a highly demanded skillset.

No wonder software development market is growing day after day, hour after hour. Test driven development is highly recommended for ensuring good quality of code. Tons of companies outsource their work to freelance developers,…

Outsourcing Software Development reddit

Outsource developers already have all needed equipment and resources. Besides you don’t have to compensate idles and outages if you have your inhouse team. And software development is now not only the privilege of a highly developed economy but a worldwide industry. It involves people and businesses from practically every country.


Ukrainian web developers are dedicated to your product’s success. They can build you mobile-friendly websites and high quality apps that will keep your customers engaged and your business booming. According to Vive’s executive team,Ukraine’s close location was a motivating factor, as well as theshared cultural valuesbetween both countries.

There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Clutch is a good tool for choosing the IT company that suits you the best. There you can access the company’s reviews, clients and experience, market presence, and more. 40 Belarusian IT companies and 2,000 freelancers have moved to a permanent place of work in Ukraine after the August presidential elections in Belarus. While Belarus is fighting for transparent Presidential elections, some IT companies are relocating teams to Ukraine & Baltic countries (e.g WarGaming, PandaDoc).

Outsourcing Software Development reddit

Your company can focus on its main activity and use the extra resources to achieve its main goals.

The Dedicated Team delivery method suggests that several roles are hired as a global extension of a team performing specific duties for a prolonged period. Such a team will be located in a single space, get familiar with company standards, and sustain the client’s code of work ethics. Technically such a team will be able to ensure project continuity the best of all models. The vendor undertakes little responsibility for the completion of the project but ensures the right talent is hired for the project. Such a model can be used for smaller tasks and bigger projects that differ in length.

Development Center In Eastern Europe

Whether you need custom software development services or you rely on a template, the need for proficient web developers is growing around the world. Fewer companies can afford to have suitable working conditions for them. Some companies compensate for salary shortages with benefits. Below, we have introduced five great IT outsourcing destinations that can offer clients high-quality software development services, collaboration with skilled IT professionals, favorable business climate, and affordable prices.

Vive’s remote team of Ukrainian developers even had the chance tovisit the Netherlandsto engage in team-building activities with their in-house colleagues. Arecent studypublished by Whitelane Research confirms that83%of companies in the BeLux region will continue to outsource tech-related projects at the same rate or more in the coming years. In the Netherlands, it’s80%; in the United Kingdom–65%; in the Nordic countries–71%. Ukraine has also been one of the most popular outsourcing locations for software in recent years.

Outsourcing Software Development reddit

If you consider how mostUkrainian developers have a top notch educational background and training, that makes outsourcing to Ukraine all the more appealing. All these factors have made Ukraine one of the most popular software outsourcing destinations. Global Sourcing Association has even named Ukraine as the Offshoring Destination of the Year, while Gartner has listed it among the Top 30 offshoring and outsourcing destinations in the world. China has raised the quality of its services substantially in recent years and has established a better political and commercial climate.

There are now in Ukraine approximately 192,000 IT experts working in more than 1,600 outsourced IT firms. In Ukraine, moreover, over 80% of software engineers speak decent English, and local firms encourage them to acquire English by offering their staff free language classes. There are many brilliant software developers, well-educated, and driven by innovation in this country. It may also be corroborated by the fact that over 7 million Indian college graduates annually and 55% desire to be employed by startups, according to StartupIndia.

All the advantages mentioned above can differ with your specific order. For example, if India is more affordable for one project, Armenia can be more skilled-oriented. So keep your finger on the pulse of global IT news for solutions. After all, the idea that you can make a profit by getting other people to do your work for you isn’t exactly a terrible business heresy.

Types Of Osd Cooperation Process Flow:

“I would encourage everyone in any walk of life to move and see another part of the world,” he says. Big publishers often prefer to outsource work, because of the cost-saving and because it means they can avoid hiring full-time staff. They often approach overseas contract houses late in a production schedule, when it’s clear they are going to miss a deadline. And as long as the work done is good enough to pass muster with customers, no one suffers.

Full Guide About Outsourcing Software Development In 2021

We are a team of technology addicts eager to transform our clients’ needs into efficient and innovative solutions through high-quality service and reliable customer support. Zoolatech is a service provider specializing in high-end software development. Founded in 2017, Zoolatech already has received awards as one of the TOP-30 fast-growing IT companies by clutch.co and TOP-100 IT-Employers in Ukraine. Outsource companies use the best cutting-edge technologies and their specialists are professionals in this field.

Moments later, other developers chimed in with their own grievances. Ukraine has a 1-2 hour time zone difference with its European neighbors and 7 hours with the East Coast of the United States. There are approximately 9,000 PHP developers in Ukraine, for example, while in the United States there are only 7,000. Python developers in Ukraine outnumber python developers in the United Kingdom .

Indeed, as Adam Smith pointed out many years ago, this sort of division of labor provides us — well, some of us, at least — with enormous economic benefits. Not only did my cat fail to produce any usable prose — it’s almost as though she had no business-writing training at all — but my experiment didn’t save me any time. Because of an unexpected issue with excessive squirming , it took three tries for me to get my cat to type that one, um, word.

Zoolatech Is A Clutch 2021 Global Leader!

Reddit, the 16-year-old San Francisco social news aggregation site, just got valued yesterday (Aug. 11) at $10 billion after an estimated $700 million funding round. The valuation, at least in good part, is because of its users’ connections to Robinhood. “Proxy vote is something that is crappy across the industry and the say product is geared specifically towards the retail investor. “Exposing voting rights to individual investors is right around the corner.” he said in an earlier RIABiz interview. Robinhood Markets just spent $140 million to buy a company that can radically increase its chief asset–albeit one it doesn’t carry on its balance sheet — Robinhood investors. “What you just expressed is unfortunately a stigma that people have. They think that’s all these external development studios can do is the work.”

Its capital Manila is considered to be the second biggest outsourcing city globally. Compatibility with western cultures makes the Philippines an influential player as well as the high English literacy rates and budget-friendly costs. What Robinhood gets immediately is a way to bring in-house its ability to handle shareholder services — read proxies — currently handled by Mediant Communications Inc., a New York City investor services company. There is, of course, one little difference between outsourcing in general and what Bob did. When corporate executives and/or consultants outsource work, they ostensibly pass the savings along to the company’s shareholders (after collecting huge bonuses and/or fees for themselves, of course). Bob did his outsourcing on the sly and passed the savings on to himself.

Brazil’s government made changes in labor law to make outsourcing more convenient. This location is fit for call center support, infrastructure management services, and ADM. Brazilians have flexibility in language. English, French, and Spanish speaking developers are ready to help you. You don’t have to waste time and efforts to hire your software developers and provide a needed training for them. You also don’t waste time waiting until your developers become a real team.

Recently, though, he closed down his entire India office and moved all the programming onshore. Indian coders, it seems, have partly become victims of their own success—offering such a good deal to American CEOs to do a job just as well as similarly-trained Americans, that their code has become pervasive. Over the past few decades, Indian programmers have done everything from create a virtual Oscar figure for the 2004 Academy Awards to ensure the millennium bug wouldn’t kill us all at the end of 1999.

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